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    Houston Slip and Fall Attorney

    We vigorously pursue reasonable and fair recompense for our clients in court and at the negotiation table using our dependable legal services, and we will do exactly the same for you.

    Slip-and-Fall Injuries

    Wet areas, spills, and weather risks like ice or snow can all contribute to slips. When you rush or sprint, wear improper shoes, or fail to pay close attention to where you’re going, you run a higher risk of slipping. While falls happen each time you veer too far from your point of equilibrium. Many workplace deaths occur as a result of falls than from other causes.

    A slip-and-fall attorney strives to hold an irresponsible landowner accountable when he welcomes visitors into the property while ignoring a slippery danger on the floor of his home or premises for business. This most frequently occurs when a business owner opens out his place of employment to the general public without first ensuring that it is secure. It could also entail a private home that is accessible to the public but has risks or hidden flaws that the owner neglects to disclose.

    Since 2011, Tilton & Tilton Injury and Accident Attorneys have assisted clients who have suffered personal injuries in obtaining monetary compensation for their harm, medical expenses, lost wages, impairments, and psychological distress.

    Statistics on Falls and Slips

    In the United States, a senior (age 65+) falls every two seconds, making falls the greatest cause of injury and injury mortality in this demographic group. Every year in the United States, one in four elderly people will fall, leaving falls a public health problem, especially among older people.

    Slip-and-Fall Injury Attorneys Assisting Residents in Houston and Texas At Large

    We’re like your relatives, our clients will tell you when you speak with them. This is true because it is precisely how we handle them. We’re present for them, from assisting them in obtaining urgent medical attention to defending them vehemently. Our clients rely on us to unravel cases, achieve outcomes, and assist them in rebuilding their lives.

    Never Shall Our Houston Injury Squad Be Overburdened

    We are a Houston-based injury legal practice that never gives up pursuing justice for those we represent. We don’t intend on giving up. We look forward to the late hours, strategy development, and trials while other businesses fear them. Our rivals are terrified by our passion and determination.

    Even now, our motivation is to support those we serve throughout the difficult period following a significant accident. We’re renowned for our wins, and every year we keep breaking further records. We will take a client’s situation seriously and give it all we’ve got if we undertake the obligation to assist them. Whatever takes place.

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