What is product liability?

When a product has a problem that can cause harm, someone has to take liability. Product liability is determining which party of the string of manufacturers and companies involved in creating and delivering a product to consumers are responsible for the injuries or other consequences a faulty product may cause. This chain can include the manufacturer of component parts, the assembly, the wholesaler, or the resale entity. Product liability is largely based around negligence, or the idea that one or more parties failed to take proper care in the manufacture of the product and disregarded the ramifications thereof.

Finding a product liability attorney.

An experienced product liability attorney at Tilton & Tilton can work to prove what defects were at play in your product liability case, and bring to justice the negligent party involved that may be responsible for your medical and other costs. Our personal injury attorneys will take on any product liability case on a contingency basis, which means you don’t have to pay us anything to work on your case. Call us anytime at 713-774-8600 to schedule a free consultation, we will provide you with a valuable legal consultation regarding your situation, and if you’d like to move forward, we can begin working on your case without taking a dollar from you. We only get paid if we win, and we take our payment from what we earn, not from you directly.

If a product has injured you or someone you know, contact the Tilton & Tilton Law Firm. Don’t let the manufacturer get away with negligence, or leave the product to harm others. We will work to bring to justice the parties responsible for any defective products.