The experienced family law attorneys at Tilton & Tilton can assist you throughout the entire adoption process not limited to preparing and filing the Petition for adoption, preparing and filing the termination of rights affidavits, preparing and filing the petition designating rights in the adoption, initiating social and background studies, preparing and entering the final order of adoption, and if needed in immigration matters, petitioning for the adopted child’s Citizenship or immigrant Visa after the adoption takes place.

Adoption is not an easy process, but getting the right attorney to assist you can make it one.

Not only do our adoption lawyers have a background of successful adoption cases, but we offer a free consultation to help you know where you stand. At the consultation, we will provide you with a valuable legal consultation for your personal circumstances. This consultation can benefit you even if you decide to walk away and not hire our attorneys. If you do decide to move forward with the Tilton & Tilton Law Firm, you can expect our family law attorneys treat every client with the utmost care and dedication to their case.