Were You Involved in an Accident at Work Leaving You Injured?

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There are millions of people who are injured at work each year. Thousands of these accidents result in serious injuries and some even result in death. If you were injured while working you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. If your loved one died in a workplace accident, you may be eligible to recover from your financial losses. Depending upon the circumstances of the injury, the victim of the accident may be entitled to receive compensation by the workers’ compensation system, a personal injury lawsuit, or both.

Employees who have suffered a work injury should seek the counsel from Tilton & Tilton Law Firm. We are Houston workplace injury attorneys that have experience and proficiency in workplace injury cases. We have the resources and knowledge required to identify and litigate workplace injuries and we will help you navigate the compensation process. We want to ensure that you receive the optimum compensation and benefits that you are entitled to.

Should I Report My Work-Related Injury?

If you were involved in a workplace accident that left you injured, one of the most important things you can do is to report it properly. Even though this may come as common knowledge, there are situations in which an employee is injured without requiring immediate medical attention. One might avoid medical attention only to realize that the accident contributed to an injury that was not initially recognized. In other situations, you may feel pressure from your employer to avoid reporting an accident. This is both immoral and illegal, but happens far too often. When an accident is left unreported, an employer can deny you compensation for medical treatment and benefits for missed time from work. Reporting an accident properly can prevent many potential problems and will save you time and money.

Reporting your accident on time is crucial. Failing to report an accident will lead to several issues during the compensation process. If you do not report an accident on time, your employer is not legally required to offer coverage that would traditionally be required. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier will also perform an interrogation as to why your employer did not report the accident on time. Your private health insurance carrier may not pay for treatment for work-related injuries and many of the expenses may need to be covered by your own finances.

Failure to report your workplace injury puts you at risk of losing your credibility in the claims process. Your employer could completely deny the accident occurred or may claim that you were injured outside of work. Many employers also enforce their own internal deadlines for reporting accidents that may not be clearly communicated or widely known among the employees—in place simply to protect the employer. Failing to report the incident on time could result in a formal reprimand or suspension without pay. Employees who fail to report workplace accidents are at risk of termination. If you were involved in a workplace accident, report it.

Is My Injury Work-Related?

Prior to filing a claim for workers’ compensation, make sure that the injury that you are filing for is truly work-related. Workers compensation only covers accidents that happened while you were doing your assigned work duties or something else that was instructed by your employer. Depending on the exact situation, this may include company events, picnics, or other social gatherings that are sponsored by your employer but not necessarily on company property.

Additionally, the workers’ compensation policy that is enforced at your specific workplace may cover job-related accidents even if you were disregarding workplace safety rules or using equipment incorrectly. State laws, and even courts within some states, have different views of these types of accidents, which is why having an experienced attorney on your side will be beneficial in more than one way. Below are some other circumstances that may determine if your injury is work-related for the purposes of workers’ compensation claims:

  • An injury that occurred during a lunch break is rarely considered work-related.
  • Even if alcohol is what led to an injury, it may still be considered work-related if it occurred during a work-sponsored event.
  • A preexisting condition such as arthritis or asthma that is worsened on the job could be considered work-related.
  • Mental illnesses are treated the same as physical injuries in the eyes of the law if they are found to be sustained, worsened or as a result of your job.

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Do not let the ignorance of the system or unfair practices prevent you from receiving fair and earned workers’ compensation. Our Houston workplace injury attorneys at Tilton & Tilton Law Firm have proven success in representing those who have suffered a workplace injury. Our workplace injury lawyers understand how challenging life can be after an on the job accident. This is why we do not only offer a free consultation; we do not charge any legal fees unless we recover compensation for you. Contact Tilton & Tilton today to schedule your initial consultation regarding your workplace injury by calling 713-774-8600.