Were Negligent Exterminators Responsible for This Elderly Woman’s Death?


It was the summer of 2018 when an elderly couple discovered that their apartment had been infested with bed bugs. After approaching their senior living apartment management, the services of an extermination company were acquired, but something went wrong after the company came to treat the apartment. Now, a lawsuit has been filed, raising the question—were negligent exterminators responsible for a woman’s death?

Can Negligent Exterminators Be Held Responsible for a Wrongful Death?

In July of 2018, a Houston extermination company treated an apartment near Westpark Tollway for bed bugs. The company used one of the most effective methods of treatment, which involved heating the apartment to 140-degree—a temperature that guaranteed the death of bed bugs. After completing the treatment, the elderly couple that lived in the apartment were let back in. This is when the trouble started.

The company allegedly had not taken enough time to allow the apartment to cool off. Once reentering their home, the elderly couple began to lose consciousness. They were rushed to the hospital, but it was too late for the wife. Before the night was through, she had passed due to hyperthermia.

The couple’s family has now filed a lawsuit against the extermination company and the senior living apartments where the couple lived. The suit claims that the complex and exterminators failed to use more senior-friendly treatments to kill off the infestation.

Not exploring or offering safer options for customers, or ignoring recommended safety precautions, can potentially make any service provider responsible for injuries that happen after they have rendered a service. Contacting an attorney after suffering an injury or losing a loved one after a service technician has visited your home may be essential to putting your life back together. Exterminators, carpenters, plumbers and other home service providers must take reasonable steps to ensure their customer’s safety, and if they do not, they could be found negligent by the court.

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