Should a Company Be Held Responsible for Injuries Caused by a Transformer Explosion?


On June 27, 2017, a carpenter working for Austin Industrial was on site at an oil refinery in La Porte when a transformer blew up. The explosion knocked the carpenter unconscious, and when he awoke, he was in the hospital. He had suffered injuries so severe that, over a year later, he is still unable to return to work. This carpenter has now filed a lawsuit in Harris County District Court, but can he hold the oil refinery responsible for the transformer explosion that is wreaking havoc on his life?

Who Should Be Held Responsible for a Transformer Explosion Injury at an Oil Refinery?

Another explosion case just recently came to an end here in Houston. In that case, a jury awarded $39.7 million to a man who was injured by an explosion and fire at a plant in Corrigan. The explosion happened on April 26, 2014 when sparks ignited flammable particles in a dust collection system. The resulting fire spread quickly through the system until it reached the baghouse, which subsequently exploded.

Several employees were working around the baghouse when it exploded. Two of those employees died while four others were injured—the man who received the verdict was one of those survivors. The verdict is meant as compensation for past and future lost wages; past and future medical expenses; and past and future physical pain, suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, and emotional distress.

In the Corrigan explosion case, a defective fire suppression system was blamed for the explosion, and fault was assigned to the two companies named as defendants in the case. However, details in the La Porte explosion could make it more difficult for that case to reach a verdict. It has to be proven in court that the refinery’s negligence caused the transformer to explode, then there is the issue that the carpenter was at the refinery as a third-party contractor.

These details along with others have to be taken into account when filing a lawsuit like this. If the man had been employed by the refinery where the explosion happened, then workers compensation insurance would have been added on to the pile of complications. This is why it is important to have an attorney that is experienced with industrial accidents. They know the complicated details that must be addressed in order to file a successful lawsuit.

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