Can a Father Sue for His Son’s Workers Compensation?

Picture of a construction worker who is injured

In Texas, getting compensation for an injury suffered on a work site can get complicated. Workers compensation insurance is not required by Texas law, so some employers may be operating without this protection for their employees. In circumstances like this, the injured and their families have to seek legal help to get the compensation they need. The following case could be an example.

Why a Father is Suing His Son’s Employer

In August of 2016, a man working on a construction site fell from the structure he was working on while installing insulation on the roof. He hit the ground and would later succumb to the injuries he suffered. This has led to that man’s father filing a lawsuit in Harris County.

The father claims that his son was not properly supervised while working on the job site. In addition, the father claims that his son was not provided horizontal lifelines. Such efforts may have saved this worker’s life, and his father wants to see justice for this alleged neglect. He is now claiming monetary damages against the five companies involved with the construction project where is son died.

It would seem that these companies may not have had workers compensation insurance and so may be liable for the damages that occurred due to this accident. That means it will be up to the Harris County District Court to decide if, and/or how much, these companies owe this father for the loss of his son.

According to statistics from OSHA, falls are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities at the workplace. So, taking the utmost safety precautions against falls should be a top priority for every employer. Keeping an eye out for these safety measures at your workplace can help you stay safe when on the job. If something does happen to you while you are on the job, know your rights, and then consult with a legal professional who has your best interests at heart.

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