A Housekeeper, Olive Oil, and a Bathtub Equals One Crazy Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Do you know why people file personal injury lawsuits? These suits stem from incidents in which people have been hurt due to someone else’s actions or negligence. So, if a business fails to inform its customers of a dangerous situation and someone is hurt, the business can be liable. If a person was texting while driving and they collide with a person, the driver can be held liable. If a dog bites a child while it is being walked, the dog owner can be held liable. However, there are often unforeseen and unusual situations that require a keen legal eye to identify whether a personal injury case exists. Take this Harris County case for example:

Crazy Personal Injury Lawsuit – When Olive Oil Attacks

A local cleaning company was retained to clean the house of a Houston couple. When the maid arrived, she began cleaning the home, but ran into some unforeseen trouble in the bathroom. While cleaning the bathtub the woman slipped and fell, injuring herself.

After the fall, she learned that the couple would use olive oil as a part of their normal bathing ritual. This oil left the bathtub slick and hazardous to anyone cleaning it. However, the couple did not warn the housekeeper of the possible danger, and that neglected warning may have contributed to the housekeeper’s injuries.

The maid is now taking the couple to court for the April 27, 2016 slip and fall. The company the woman is employed at, King of Maids, LLC, is also listed as a codefendant. They are seeking unspecified damages in court for lack of information regarding the tub’s hazardous condition.

How do you think this lawsuit will work out? Are there other strange personal injury lawsuits out there that you would never have imagined? Keep following the Houston personal injury lawyers at Tilton & Tilton LLP—we work hard for those who need help after suffering an injury.

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