Were TCU Football Players Forced to Play While Injured?

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Texas Christian University (TCU) is embroiled in controversy. The school’s football program is facing accusations of pressuring injured players to play, and the list of accusers is growing. Now, these students are also taking legal action against their former school and coach. Do these former TCU football players have a case?

Forced to Play While Injured: Will TCU Pay the Price?

In response to ever-increasing scrutiny over concussions and CTE, the NCAA has been instituting stricter medical guidelines to keep players from suffering life-changing injuries. However, if claims are to be believed, then the TCU football program may have not only ignored these rules, it may have pushed its players even further.

A young wide receiver with NFL aspirations say that his chances at the big league may have been ruined because he was forced to play while injured. The young man suffered a pelvic injury during his time playing for the Horned Frogs. Instead of being given the full time to recover, he claims that the coach pressured him to play while still injured. This eventually led to the former player filing a lawsuit against the school and the coach. Now, other students are also joining the suit.

Another TCU player sustained a concussion and a diagnosed case of post-traumatic stress disorder after an auto accident. However, he claims that instead of being given time to recover, he was instead pressured to play despite his injury and psychiatric condition. Another player claims that after he suffered a knee injury on the field, his scholarship was threatened. The player was then subjected to an accelerated recovery process, so he could play again as soon as possible. After the knee was reinjured on the field, the coach allegedly had verbal confrontations with the player before cutting him from the team.

Other former players that have joined this lawsuit claim that the coach threatened to sabotage their NFL prospects if they did not commit to play for TCU’s team. Another former player claims to have been given mysterious injections by the school’s medical team. As of the moment, TCU has filed a countersuit and its contracted medical provider has filed a statement with the court denying the claims against them.

As a preamble to a professional sports career, college football is often seen as a crucible to sort the strong from the weak, but has this mentality gone too far? Former student athletes all over the country are seeking legal counsel and revealing their disturbing stories of being pressured to play with injuries. Considering the medical discoveries and court rulings following cases like this, many more former athletes may soon follow suit.

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