Did Police Neglect This Man’s Medical Needs?

Photo of a Man in Handcuffs

As police arrived on the scene, they found a vehicle on the side of the road. It was damaged from three separate collisions, and a man was unconscious inside the vehicle. What happened next has raised controversy and has rights advocates up in arms trying to incite change in the system. But will this alleged case of police neglect be addressed by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office?

Neglected Medical Needs Lead to Jailhouse Nightmare

On January 14, 2016, a man woke up to sheriff’s deputies knocking on his car window. He had been involved in a crash after blacking out due to seizures. He explained this medical event to officers, but instead of being taken to the hospital for medical treatment, he was instead arrested and taken to jail.

Once at the jail, he was improperly sorted into a maximum security cell where other inmates targeted him. Eight of those inmates cornered the man, beating and sexually assaulting him. Soon, guards intervened, but the damage was done. As the man was being escorted away from the incident, he had another seizure and touched one of the guards escorting him. The guard then assaulted the man, later claiming “unauthorized contact”.

It took 36 hours for the man in this case to get medical attention for his seizures. He now suffers nightmares and insomnia due to the trauma he suffered for an arrest, jailing and assaults that should not have happened. He is now pursuing a federal lawsuit against the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in hopes of recovering compensation for damages and lost wages that resulted from the incident.

Unfortunately, Harris County has a history of this sort of neglect and abuse. Very little is being done at the moment, though newly elected officials are promising change. This means that more people could be victimized by this ineffective system, and if that happens, they will need legal help as did the man from the story above. The attorneys here at Tilton & Tilton, LLP will continue to monitor this situation and others like it, so we can bring better protection to the clients we represent.

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