Could Negligence Be Partly Responsible for Hurricane Harvey Flood Damage?

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When a person files a negligence lawsuit, it’s usually due to property damages or injuries caused by the actions of another party. A case like this can often be complex, requiring the plaintiff to show evidence of how they were harmed. Now imagine that 500 people had joined together for such a lawsuit. That’s what’s happening in a Harris County district court as a Hurricane Harvey flood damage negligence suit unfolds.

Can Hurricane Harvey Flood Damage Be Blamed on Negligence?

The engineering and construction firms that designed and built a Woodlands neighborhood have been named in a negligence lawsuit. Nearly 500 residents of the neighborhood are claiming that negligence on the part of these companies put them in danger. Considering the property damage, injuries and loss of life caused by Hurricane Harvey, a verdict against these companies could be gigantic. However, these residents have a lot to prove before such a ruling can happen.

Proving their losses in this case won’t be the hard part for the victims left behind by the storm. But proving that these engineers and builders were negligent could be much harder. In order to win a negligence case, plaintiffs have to prove that defendants were negligent of a dangerous condition or that they should have reasonably anticipated it.

Though the neighborhood was outside a 100-year flood zone, records show that it was still within a 500-year flood plain. In addition to this, residents point to a 1994 storm that flooded the area where the neighborhood would later be built. In a survey of the past 40 years, other floods in that area were also discovered. Residents believe that this info should have led developers to realize a storm like Harvey could cause devastation to a newly built community. Will the court decide if this is enough evidence to prove negligence?

When it comes to devastating natural disasters, proving a party’s negligence can be tough. The scope of destruction and the loss of life can make it hard to prove a company’s neglect led to damages. However, when negligence lawsuits are focused on auto accidents, the workplace or a wrongful death, it becomes easier to connect the dots. But even these cases need the focus of a law firm dedicated to helping the people who have suffered catastrophic loss. That means victims of a TBI, broken bones or a wrongful death shouldn’t hesitate to call an experience attorney for help.

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