Is a Local Bar Responsible for a Fatal Motorcycle Crash?


A local woman is suing a bar after her husband died in a motorcycle crash in 2016. But, can a bar be held responsible for a drunk driving crash? You may be surprised to learn that Texas actually has a law about that.

After a Fatal Motorcycle Crash, can a Bar Be Sued for Serving the Person Who Crashed?

According to the woman’s lawsuit, her husband showed up to a bar near Jones Road and was served drinks. There was only one problem; he was apparently already intoxicated. After being served more drinks, the man got on his Harley-Davidson and rode off into the night. Not long after, he crashed into the rear of a car and sustained injuries that took his life. He was survived by his wife and a child.

Now the family of that rider is blaming the bar for the crash that took this man’s life, and they’re using a little-known part of Texas law to do so. There is a part of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code called the Dram Shop Act. This section of the code holds establishments liable for selling alcohol to individuals who are obviously already intoxicated. By these codes, drinking establishments can be held responsible for overserving someone involved in a drunk driving accident.

The Dram Shop Act also protects the victims of drunk driving crashes by allowing them to seek compensation for their losses from the drinking establishment. However, there are still specific measures that must be met in order to file such a lawsuit. This means that contacting an attorney is the best course of action if you or a loved one is injured after a crash with a drunk driver.

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