Did Substandard Care Cause the Wrongful Deaths of Two Infants?

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Clear Lake is a peaceful community on the southeastern side of Houston close to Trinity Bay. Many families raise children in this community, but two families are grieving the loss of their children. They say a hospital in Clear Lake neglected care for their preemies. Now, they are fighting to prevent future wrongful deaths from hurting other couples.

Could Substandard Medical Care Lead to the Wrongful Deaths of Infants?

Their baby was born two to three months too soon, but that didn’t seem to keep the baby down. The parents described their child as a fighter, showing spirit whenever they entered the room. But less than a month after the baby was born, she passed away.

The hospital told the parents that they did all that they could, but the parents were left with doubts. They connected with another couple who had lost their premature baby in a similar fashion at the same hospital. Before long, they were seeking legal help.

These two families, united by similar tragedies, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Clear Lake hospital that delivered their babies. They allege substandard care and mismanagement that constitute negligence on the part of the hospital, doctors and staff.

To win a case like this, plaintiffs must prove more than a simple mistake occurred. They must prove that this mistake was made due to the neglect of established medical standards. Finding this evidence can often be difficult, and that’s why families rely on medical malpractice attorneys for help.

These professionals comb through records, collect testimony and connect the dots to uncover mistreatment that could have been avoided. If healthcare providers ignore clear warnings or fail to treat a patient accordingly, they can be held responsible for the oversight. Contact an attorney to find out if your injury was caused by this type of neglect. The hospital won’t tell you if their staff made an error. Pursuing an independent investigation by an attorney may be the only way to get the truth.

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