Did a Brain Injury Lawsuit Expose Malpractice at this Houston Hospital?

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In June 2016, a 44-year-old man came to Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston for a lifesaving heart transplant. He and his family were hoping that he would be able to regain a measure of what his life used to be before his sickness. Now, he is unable to speak or walk. How did his heart transplant go so horribly wrong? We take a look at his brain injury lawsuit and the possible medical malpractice it helped expose.

Possible Malpractice Exposed in a Houston Medical Center

A family is taking St. Luke’s to court in Harris County over its alleged lack of quality care. The lawsuit filed by the family of a 44-year-old patient claims doctors took too long to treat the man’s complications. After his seemingly successful surgery, the man experienced dangerously low blood pressure. A doctor saw him four hours after the symptoms were discovered, and it took another four hours before he was put on a bypass to assist his heart.

After that, he was subjected to four open heart surgeries over ten days, but his brain had already been damaged due to lack of oxygen. The man is no longer able to walk or speak. He now lives with his mother in Florida, where she cares for him around the clock.

Since its filing, the man’s lawsuit has gotten noticed by the media. ProPublica and the Houston Chronicle featured the case in a joint story about the decline in St. Luke’s quality of care. The report revealed that though the heart transplant program was once well recognized, in recent years many of its patients have died. A trend of unsuccessful surgeries has led to the program’s temporary suspension. Now, Medicare and Medicaid are slated to pull their funding for heart transplants in August.

This shows that medical malpractice lawsuits still have the power to help those in need. These cases provide support for the families of victims, but they also help prevent future malpractice. To learn more about cases like this, keep following the trial lawyers at Tilton & Tilton LLP.

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