Are Two Houston Bars Responsible for this Fatal Drunk Driving Crash?

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On February 28th, a 36-year-old woman and her 3-month-old son were approaching the intersection of I-45 and El Dorado. That’s when another vehicle slammed into theirs, ending the lives of both mother and son. Police arrested the driver of the other car for driving while intoxicated, but could the bars that served this driver also be held responsible for the destruction caused?

A Fatal Drunk Driving Crash and How Two Area Bars May Be Liable

Two bars on the southside of Houston, near Clear Lake, served drinks to two women visiting their establishments. One of those drinkers was only 17-years-old, the other was 19. Both girls were allegedly not carded and supposedly left these bars visibly drunk. Later that night, the vehicle driven by the 19-year-old was involved in a crash. Two lives were lost that night, and now the husband who lost his wife and son, is seeking compensation.

The husband has filed a $40 million lawsuit against the alleged drunk driver and the bars that served her alcohol. Texas dram shop laws allow victims of drunk drivers and their families to seek restitution when bars overserve drunk drivers. If a patron is visibly drunk, a bar is not allowed to serve that person alcohol. If the drinking establishment does serve a visibly drunk patron, then it could be held liable for a subsequent crash.

Usually, dram shop laws only apply to the last bar to serve a drunk driver. However, since the driver was underage, neither bar should have served her. Both could be held liable for the resulting crash.

Identifying the responsible party in an auto accident case can be surprisingly complex. This is why having an attorney by your side is so important for the victims of any car crash. When a drunk driver strikes, an attorney can help investigate who is responsible, and help the families file a lawsuit. These suits can help pay for medical bills, property losses and even funeral expenses after a tragedy strikes.

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